Nine Ladies Design

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Nine Ladies Design specialises in Medieval Wedding Gowns,

fully made-to-measure, for Weddings & Handfastings.


Our designs are inspired by medieval garments, illuminations and art.

The gowns & patterns are cut using modern techniques based on how

medieval garments would have been made. Well researched details add

that 'little extra' to our gowns. Embroideries are inspired by medieval

stone carvings, glazed clay tiles, illuminations, etc.

The belt buckles and strap ends that we use are made from English pewter,

copies of actual medieval finds. All our gowns are laced down the back,

with handmade cords, through hand sewn holes!


We're based on the edge of the Peak District, close to the

famous Nine Ladies stone circle, in a small studio, where all

our designs and fabrics can be viewed by appointment.


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We've gone all 'Outlander' mad here at NLD! Love this photo, we all need our own Jamie in our life!

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