Nine Ladies Design

Damask 2 a Damask 2 a


'Ciara' in rich purple silk.

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"There’s some views I wish I’d been specific to the photographer to take, but what we got was about documenting our day with almost no posed for pictures. As you’ll see I’ve included some ‘action shots’ which I hope will help you demonstrate how a dress under stress can, and needs to perform. And yours most certainly did that!! Jumping broom; full blown Ceilidh flings, and a bit rockin & hokey cokeying to finish!! And not a stitch out of place. And a couple of views of the back which I hope will let others see your design in the round. I loved it, and felt wonderful in it. The shoulders never moved an inch, and the lacing, though it didn’t stay perfect, actually gave the dress the flexibility needed for the day without straining other parts of it."




I cannot endorse your design or seamstressing enough. Amazing, fabulous, words are not enough for this gown – it just has to be wo