Nine Ladies Design

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Terms & Conditions


1. Nine Ladies Design promise that:

Your dress will be supplied to you on time for your wedding *, made to your measurements and in the style as agreed.

If you are supplying your own measurements, Nine Ladies Design takes no responsibility for any wrong measurements provided.

I will provide a toile bodice made by the measurements provided to try on, and any alterations to that bodice will then be made. This will guarante that the actual gown will fit properly, as long as I have been notified of any alterations to be made to the toile.


 * This is only guaranteed if you keep to the timing specified in section 2 & 3.



2. Timing:

For your dress to be completed on time you must:

-Make the payments and provide your measurements on time.

- Check and return your toile as soon as you receive it.



3. Deposits & Payments:

Deposits are non refundable as they are used to reserve a space for making your dress.

The third & final payment is due as soon as the dress is completed.


Cheque payments (UK only):

Cheques should be made payable to Nine Ladies Design and made out in Pounds Sterling.


Credit/Debit Card Payments using Paypal:

You will be emailed a payment request from us through Paypal for the amount in Pounds Sterling. Follow the instructions in this email to make the payment.

If paying by Paypal an extra 5% will be added to each payment, covering paypal fees.




4. Cancelling & Refunds:

Because our dresses are made to order I have a no returns policy. If you wish to cancel your order please do so no later than one month before it is due to be made.

You cannot cancel your order once work has begun on your dress.

If you do cancel, you may still be liable to make the full payment.