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Damask 2 a Damask 2 a


This medieval wedding gown is inspired by the grand jousts of the medieval era, with pointy over-sleeves echoing the knight's heraldric pennants and flags. It features long pointy trailing over-sleeves, tight pointy undersleeves and a wide v-shaped neckline.The narrow belt is decorated with trefoil beading and delicate Trefoil belt buckle and belt end, both medieval replicas, cast in English pewter.

The gown is laced down the back, with handmade cords, through hand-sewn holes.

All hems and details are hand-finished, with no visible machine stitching.

The gown is made from hand-woven Dupion silk, and fully lined with acetate lining.

It comes with a matching medieval style pouch bag.

Gown shown in no 41 Claret Silk.


Display Gown Sale.

Gown measurements: Bust 86cm, Waist: 74cm, Hip: 104cm

Same gown as in the photos below.Some staining on inside lining on back of skirt from the photo shoot.

Price : £250 (Was £ 990 )


Celtic Triple Goddess

Medieval Irish Name

MN5Q4472 b MN5Q4498 b MN5Q4507 b Morg 1 a MN5Q4509 a