Nine Ladies Design

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This design is a modern interpretation of a medieval gown.  

The gown features shoulder straps and off-the-shoulder flared chiffon

sleeves. The sleeves have pleats and are cut with a V-shaped point

at the shoulder. The bodice has a V-shaped neckline back and front.

The embroidered border is based on a 12th century stone carving and used

to define an empire line cut under the bust and also as a long girdle belt.

This style is inspired by 12th century gowns with crossed embroidered girdle belts.

The gown is laced down the back, with handmade cords, through hand-sewn holes.

All hems and details are hand-finished and the gown is fully made-to-measure.

The gown is made from hand-woven Dupion silk with sleeves in crinkled chiffon.

It is fully lined with acetate satin, with double layer lining on the skirt in the

sides to accentuate the shape.

It comes with a matching medieval style pouch bag and a sturdy fabric gown-cover.

Gown is shown in no 1 Brilliant White with embroidery in Silver Dust.


Price : £ 1290 in any of the 80 shades of silk.

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