Nine Ladies Design

Damask 2 a Damask 2 a

The belts feature buckles and ends made by Lionheart Replicas.

They're all replicas of medieval artefacts and cast in English

lead-free pewter. Decorated with trefoil patterns of silver-

coloured beads, evenly spaced throughout the length of the belt.


4595133714_240x189.jpg 4595133716_240x189.jpg 4595133713_240x189.jpg 4595133715_240x189.jpg

'Trefoil' Buckle

'Trefoil' Belt End

'Acanthus' Buckle

'Acanthus' Belt End

Pouch Bag

Quatrefoil 1 Quatrefoil 2

'Quatrefoil' Buckle

'Quatrefoil' Belt End

Colour Chart

The handloomed Dupion Silk comes in 80 shades.

Shade cards are available by request but will have to be returned.

Colour samples 2012

The Textiles of the Wedding Gowns

Our Wedding gowns are made using natural materials. We use handloomed Indian Dupion Silk for the gowns. This is not strictly an authentic medieval fabric, but it has a lovely sheen, a rustic feel and looks medieval!

Silk is the fine thread with which a silkworm spins its cocoon. The thread which is produced by the

spinning glands of the silkworm is the finest and strongest natural fiber in the world.

Silk cools and warms simultaneously. Silk will absorb perspiration while letting your skin breathe.

It is wrinkle and tear resistant, and dries quickly. Because of its protein structure, silk is the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics. That means it's less likely to cause allergic reactions to the wearer.

And  it's biodegradeable!

We've made the decision to use silk instead of fibres like polyester, which is made from petro-chemicals. We do not want to support the oil industry by using synthetic fabrics. These fabrics don't allow

your skin to breathe and can cause allergies. It's like wearing plastic!

The gowns are lined with Acetate lining fabric. Acetate fibres are made from purified cellulose

from wood pulp or cotton linters. Acetate breathes, dries quickly, has no static cling and is environmentally friendly and biodegradeable. The lacing cords are handmade from cotton.