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A bit about me

I've been making clothes for as long as I can remember.

My mum worked as a pattern cutter from home, and I used to sit next to her making tiny paper patterns for my Barbie dolls. She bought me my first Costume History book when I was 14, and it is still my most read book! Around this time Ivanhoe with Anthony Andrews was first shown on tv in Sweden and I was immediately hooked on the Medieval era! At 16 I went to study fashion for three years. After finishing, I worked with my mum, learning a lot more than I had done at school. She taught me pattern construction and grading (that's altering a pattern from a size 10 to all the other sizes).

At 21 I opened my own shop in Sweden, designing, making and selling traditional childrens wear and later Austrian style ladies wear. During this time I continued to nurse my medieval interest by attending small festivals and making my own medieval outfits. I even got the chance to make the gown for the lady who represented the 'patron saint' of our neighbouring village at a tourism fair, on their 750th anniversary. Looking  back I realize how much I've learnt about the middle ages since then!

I closed the shop after four years, and went on to study catering for a year! ...... Just felt like doing something completely different! I went to England in 1999 to work for six months, but fate kept me here, and I've been living in England for 17 years now! During this time I've worked in retail, which obviously helped to improve my English no end! I've been attending various medieval events, both in the UK and in Sweden. I've learnt a lot about medieval costume history from books, internet and from the events. But most of it is intuition! I've made numerous outfits for myself and friends and I'm always making up new gowns in my head. Along with this I've been making a lot of gothic style clothes for friends and family. Back in Sweden I made this amazing 17th century wedding gown for a friend, complete with corset and steel hoop underskirt! And I obviously made my own wedding gown! Since then I've had so many requests for similar gowns, the idea was born in 2007, and here we are!


So... the rest about me... I'm Swedish. Married to Martin.

A Pagan, vegetarian, herbalist, allotmenteer, nature lover, bird watcher; who loves 80's gothic rock,

80's new romantic, celtic folk music, medieval music and middle eastern music.